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Tarot Card Reading as a way of Understanding Yourself

A tarot card reading can help you gain insight into many areas of your life. Sometimes we need a little guidance to discover what the next step of our journey should be. The tarot will not make decisions for you, as those choices are your responsibility, but it can help you clarify your options.



Hi! I’m Angie. I’ve been reading the tarot cards for over 25 years. During that time as a clairvoyant tarot reader I’ve done readings at private tarot parties, Psychic Fairs, Mystic nights in pubs, corporate events, tarot readings by phone and private one to one readings. I’m truly grateful for the gift I have for reading imagery and giving enlightening readings. I believe there are usually positive choices available to anyone, no matter what their situation.

Sometimes it needs an ‘outside the box’ approach to uncover the various alternatives available. Having a tarot reading can help offer guidance and clarity. My readings are friendly and non-threatening. However, I speak openly and if the cards present a challenging story then I will inspire you to be true to yourself so you can face any challenges from a position of strength and integrity. My personal philosophy is based on the Law of Attraction which basically says that where our attention goes our energy flows.

My style of reading reflects my belief that each of us has an inner self which is wise and knowing. This inner self sometimes gets hidden under the pressures and habits that build up in everyday life. When used properly a good tarot reading can help you focus and guide you to get in touch with your intuition and bring greater understanding to your current situation. Self discovery through the tarot can bring unexpected rewards and can help you understand your circumstances so as to make the best choices for your future.

If you want to take a new direction in certain areas of your life, or maybe you feel feel stuck or need some positive motivation, then you may find some life coaching sessions will inspire you and help put you on track. Please click ‘Life Coaching’ above to find out how this could help you.

(Please bear in mind that if you have concerns about your health I would advise you seek assistance from a medical professional. The information I give cannot be a substitute for proper medical advice.)

A tarot reading session lasts for one hour and I charge £45. Or you can book a shorter 40 minute session for £30. Click to learn more about Tarot readings

Tarot parties for 6 or more. For tarot tuition – please contact me. 

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To book a TAROT CARD READING or a Tarot party:

Phone me on 07824 377029

Email me: angie@readmytarot.co.uk    

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