Free Tarot E-book

Understand Tarot Card Reading without the Mystification

Ebook coverCurious how the tarot cards work or need reassurance?

Or maybe you’re learning to read the cards yourself and you’d like to understand a little more about how the tarot cards work?

The tips in this free e-book will help you enormously!

It won’t teach you to read the tarot cards, nor give the meanings of the cards, though it will help if you are learning to read the cards.

It will help you:

  • Gain the most from your next tarot reading.
  • Better understand your own role in the way the cards express their story.
  • Offer insights so you can understand how the energy behind the tarot cards work.

One thought on “Free Tarot E-book

  1. Tracy

    Thank you Angie for a great reading……Walked away feeling very positive about my future and a lot better about myself …..Also just ordered The Secret DVD so looking forward to watching that …..See you soon and thank you once again


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