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Pink leafLife Coaching as a tool for personal development 

Change for the better? Change for the worse? You can choose where your life goes. You can learn to be the director of your life. Would you like to:

Have more balance in your life

Feel more motivated and energised

Change negative thinking patterns

Set clearer goals

Be more focused to achieve those goals

Have more confidence to achieve those things you want from life?

Life coaching can be used for self-development and growth, or to help tackle a particular area of your life: Do you feel you have more potential to succeed than you are living right now? Are you looking to change the direction of your life but are unsure how to start, or lack motivation? Do you suspect you may be stuck in a negative behavior pattern which attracts the wrong experiences into your life? Has change been thrust upon you, unprepared?

These situations can feel stressful and threatening. Going it alone can often feel lonely or scary. Change can appear confusing and difficult – not knowing where to start or whether you have the confidence or will-power to make the necessary changes in your life. It’s new territory and you’d feel so much better if you just had a map…

Compass graphicSometimes the need for change creeps up on us unawares; we may have felt life stagnating for some time, or we’ve been knowingly heading down a wrong track, and for whatever reason we’ve ignored or denied the restless uncomfortable warning signals, hoping things might just go away on their own. After a while Life can lose its sense of purpose.

Every one of us chooses to come to this planet for the purpose of creating. That may be creating happy relationships, a fulfilling career, personal achievements – the possibilities are endless. That is our true purpose – creating or doing things which continue to inspire us. If your life path feels blocked, or you feel ‘stuck’, and you’ve drifted away from your heart’s desire, then deep within you are probably aware of it, if only on a subconscious level. It leaves an uneasy, unsettled and certainly an unfulfilled feeling.

Sometimes, unconsciously, we create problems simply to get our life energy flowing again, introducing a bit of ‘drama’, and for a while life feels more energised. We all have an unconscious drive to create new choices and opportunities in our lives. Problems challenge us to grow, forcing us to be creative to learn new ways. Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. Change is a catalyst for future growth and new direction. And on a personal level change can be a great life-expanding experience, rich with rewards and potential. It’s just a matter of learning a new perspective.

Instead of the reactive stressful pattern of having to deal with the shifts of change when they come at us head-on and we’re unprepared, if we learn to instigate change in our lives before it happens ‘to us’ then we can achieve a sense of direction and purpose.

With every lesson learned and goal achieved, you will gain more personal satisfaction and confidence, inspiring greater goals, so that you can continue to fulfill your true potential.

Shine your LightHowever, it’s not unnatural to want or need help to make, or even face the idea of making changes in your life. In fact it’s often the lack of support and guidance, simply not knowing how to go about making the desired change, that stops the person taking action to instigate change in the first place. Having someone you can trust, external to your life, who is on your side and wanting the best for you can make a huge difference to you achieving your goals.

That is when a life coach can really make a difference by helping you:

Reflect and clarify your goals.

Make a realistic plan of action to achieve what you want.

Learn how to attract into your life the positive experiences you desire.

Discover tools you can use to enrich your life and those of others.

Provide a formula to help you stay motivated and on track.

I prefer to work one to one with my life coaching clients as it builds trust and the client gains much more when in a personal situation. However, this does not mean you cannot have some sessions over the phone if that works out to be more convenient for you. It does not require the tarot cards, but if you prefer, the cards can be used to explore aspects of your situation.

What matters is that you are committed to getting the most from your life coaching sessions.  I am there to be the catalyst and the bridge to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Sessions are one hour long and are charged at £50 a session. 4 or more sessions paid in advance are £45 per session. Payment is by cash or cheque & Paypal is also available. Depending on your needs you may require a one-off session, as a life guidance session, or several ongoing sessions as in life coaching. I am based in Horley, Gatwick area, convenient for both Surrey & Sussex.

If you think your life can benefit through life coaching please give me a ring: 07824 377029

Training qualification:  I am a NCFE certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner


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